Poems by Andira Losh

INTERWOVEN I am the goddess of my own consciousness I demand autonomy and respect I am here to sew the seeds of an infinitely better tomorrow A world built through compassion, reason and solidarity A world from seed we collect and nurture together I am of creation and destruction interwoven The Earth meets my feet through cracked pavement When I know the sprouts are on … Continue reading Poems by Andira Losh

A House in a Gentrified Zone

By Olivia Johnson   I remember sitting with the older folks at a funeral when I was 13. A distant cousin had passed, and the older gentlemen were standing on the front porch chatting about real estate and current city affairs. One gentleman brought up how in about 10 years, the city of Omaha would begin the process of flipping the city’s real estate market. … Continue reading A House in a Gentrified Zone


By Amanda Huckins. oh my god: we’re an extension of history, aren’t we? i’m willing to pick specks up and eat them for identification. why was the sugar granule a little bit spicy? instead of being hit by a speeding beetle, i gasped and thanked that ceiling of charms for following me around. dooongdooongdooongdooog goes a noisemaker to cleanse the ear palette. people everywhere started … Continue reading WHAT DO ANIMALS REALLY THINK OF ME


by Klyde S. Warren Sure, you have no children of your own- Your garden is empty. Your seeds are unscattered. But, do not despair. Consider this- Consider the people you’ve helped. How many weary friends have you counseled through a problem? How many times have you rubbed an ill friend’s back? Have you given a lost man directions? How many loaves have you broken to … Continue reading Seeds

Land Of The Free (Nation Of Bondage)

by Terry Salem Jr. Enslaved in the mind while the others search for shackles . Believing we live in the land of the free , Where oppression and deception never happens . Birthed a limitation , formed for only physical growth . Mentally and Spiritually disabled to remain the status quo . Origin unknown . Or we just weren’t meant to see . Religion vs … Continue reading Land Of The Free (Nation Of Bondage)

Poems by Andira Losh

Open Be radically real Take the liberty of telling the truth Curtail the encumbrances of cultural limitations Imagine that everyone is exactly who we say we are authentic self, through and true Imagine kindness and love is always genuine and present Imagine generosity and abundance filling up every plate with greens Imagine this world and be one of its inhabitants. Manifest the best you can … Continue reading Poems by Andira Losh

Riots Are For The People. by Anu Vazkaela

by Anu Vazkaela To not be quiet Means sacrificing the means of justice for peace But that is not what the people want They want to be kept Quiet Sullenly still For the sake of peacekeeping We can only have justice after we have peace but that is false Peace is the process of smoothing Or quieting Or deliberately silencing the pain The cries and … Continue reading Riots Are For The People. by Anu Vazkaela