Poems by Andira Losh


I am the goddess of my own consciousness
I demand autonomy and respect

I am here to sew the seeds of an infinitely better tomorrow
A world built through compassion, reason and solidarity
A world from seed we collect and nurture together

I am of creation and destruction interwoven
The Earth meets my feet through cracked pavement

When I know the sprouts are on the rise…
With a single match I will burn down your wretched social order

From the ashes of flaming rubble
grass reemerges, in a smoky haze
and a new future awaits beyond the moonlight I bathe in



Closets are places to learn hiding.
To learn the safety in being hidden.
Stereotypes are locks snapping shut.
Polished normally, day in and out, or
oxidized to crumbling rust of oppression.

In closets is a slow starvation of heart.
Encouragement and support, the keys
Safety where once sheer danger lurked
Open truth to our self, a happiness
loving community created of welcome.

Words are a healing saline mist or
a smothering of oil splatters sprayed
Mindlessly upholding cold steel or
decaying hateful places of oppression
Staying the locks of old in habit or
Freeing diverse community power

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 4.07.39 PM


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