Poems by Andira Losh


Be radically real
Take the liberty of telling the truth
Curtail the encumbrances of cultural limitations

Imagine that everyone is exactly who we say we are authentic self, through and true

Imagine kindness and love
is always genuine and present

Imagine generosity and abundance filling up every plate with greens

Imagine this world
and be one of its inhabitants.

Manifest the best you can imagine create a new world in your wake

My Favorite

Who is your favorite? What is your favorite?
My favorite color is red purple black silver translucent shimmering nothingness
is the hollow everything that fills us

My favorite is feeling enmeshed together with a few I love dearly conversing
en-rapturously with exuberant affection
and understanding of science of relationships, philosophy and ethics of organizing for a better world, of struggles and triumph
and suffering and jubilation

My favorite is laughing with reckless abandon in effortless interplay a dance of joyous interconnection
trans-substantiating everyday essence of being
My favorite is organizing with queer radical insurrectionist anarchist
pacifistic compassionate liberated femininity in honest

breaking chains of consciousness and illuminating glass ceilings with draping shards as Damocles daggers we shield each-other

My favorite is the line between waking and dreaming
where I am the goddess of my own consciousness
as I step out of bed on the right side, the left side
with my left foot pointed to my path, defined in mindful stride

My favorite is marching in the streets in solidarity with those I am not of, who are of us all
streets paved over the dead genocide forest removed for toilet paper

Reminding me that I am alive with empathy and the breath of all carbon water cycle shifting plates of molten rock DNA life-form gleaming moon transmitting fusion power abiogenesis

My favorite is another world that we create today through our actions implications
with one another speaking truthfully deconstructing as we build another option
that allows a place for us all to be real and present and to act in mutual consideration
of new peaceful prosperous unity

A Neat Green Death

Work to silence
the truth of the quiet but we can all have beautiful green lawns

Fertilizer smothered u-n-i-f-o-r-m-i-t-y

Cut down the native trees burn the berry bushes
Roll the turf in, coating origin in pristine expectation

Where everyone is happy to pretend we’re okay
We’re okay

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